Carpet FAQ’S

Why buy from us?
We offer some of the highest quality carpets for affordable prices.

Why pay more when you can pay less? Why get a low quality product when you get a high quality product for the same price?

Are the RRP’s real?

Yes, they are very real!
Go into any local shop, or check online and try to find our range of carpets cheaper. The brands of carpets we sell are also in the Palaces and Castles of The Royal Family, the wealthy such as Saudi Arabian Princes, and the stylish such as Louis Vitton.

Why are you so cheap?
We are a Factory Outlet, which means we stock clearance lines, job lots, slight seconds and surplus stock.

Are your carpets brand new, unused and with the usual manufacturers guarantees?
All our carpets are brand new and unused, straight from the manufacturers into our warehouse and put up for sale. As a Factory Outlet, no guarantees apply.

Why do some carpets not have manufacturer names?
Due to us being a factory outlet and offering such huge discounts without any manufacturers guarantees, some manufacturers prefer we don’t sell their products under their name.

What is a fault?
We inspect every carpet that we have in stock, if we can spot a fault on the carpet we take a picture of the fault and display its location.

How bad is a fault?
The majority of faults are very minor, some you probably wouldn’t notice unless we pointed them out. If the fault is what we would consider major, we reduce the price on them accordingly.

Can I collect from your warehouse?
Yes, if you wish to view/collect, just visit us during opening hours. To ensure the carpet you like is still in stock, please ring or send us a message.

Can you send me a sample?
Unfortunately, we don’t send out samples. If you go onto the manufacturers website, you should be able to order a free sample from them. If you need assistance with this, just contact us and we will help.

How accurate are the pictures?
We do try our best to ensure the colours of carpets shown in photography on this site are as accurate as possible. However, colours may appear slightly different from monitor to monitor. We therefore strongly recommend that you visit us or order a sample from the manufacturer. Please bear in mind that dye batches can also vary and therefore it may be possible that your carpet does vary slightly from the sample in either colour or texture or both.

What is a “Tube Line”?
As with all carpets, a “tube line” may occur (often approximately 40cm from an edge). This occurs when a carpet is rolled onto a tube and the inside edge crushes the pile or splits the pile in different directions. This is not a manufacturing defect and will return to normal, it does not affect the wear life of your carpet.